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everything you need to KNOW ABOUT mastering cooking in cast iron.

Hi there!

I'm Emma

I’ve been cooking with cast iron cookware

for over 15 years. I just love the way it can

turn a cheaper cut of meat into a melt in

your mouth stew, sear the perfect steak,

and infuse such flavor that no other

cooking vessel can. It’s kinda magic!

It starts with the right tools, ingredients and information,

Have an enamel Dutch oven and don’t know how to use it? Worried you’ve just spent all that money and you’ll ruin it by using it wrong? Feel you could use your Dutch oven for more than just bolognese? I’ll cover everything you need to know from cooking to cleaning, so that your treasured cast iron will last a lifetime, as well as 10 easy cast iron recipes to get you started.

No matter where you are on your cast iron cooking journey, there is something for every cook in this cast iron guide.